Jun 16, 2020 General

The Operation’s Day Getting New Knee

Meeting the specialist:

The specialist agreed it was time. A date has been arranged. The procedure was explained. He showed how it worked and showed me what the replacement knee would look like. A booklet had been produced by the hospital on procedure. He sent me to get an x ray of both legs from the hip down. This was to let him match the leg with my left leg help fix my walking and to assist recovery.

Admission process:

This consisted of two parts.

The first was to perform the entry process online. This took some time. You want to have lots of files available to perform it e.g. Medicare card, health society information, credit card details.

It is wise to go through the online document first, noting down everything you will need to have with you until you start the admission procedure.

The next part was a pre-admission seminar. This was an important part of the bashir dawood for entrance of my hospital. There were a number of components for this procedure. They were:

  • Nurse clarified the admission’s process on the day of the surgery.
  • There was a discussion with physiotherapist. This included an explanation of the requirement to work out with the exercises at the hospital booklet in hospital that the expert gave me.
  • The nurse checked my entry’s documentations.
  • Then the pharmacist discussed my medicine.
  • I had been sent off for an ECG.
  • Next went to get a blood test to be certain there was nothing in my system to keep the operation from moving ahead.
  • Finally, I had a chest x-ray to test for any infections which may impinge on the operation.

I was advised to Shave my leg and to quickly for the time prior to the day of the surgery. I was to make sure before I left home, I showered. My arrival time in the admissions center was discussed.

The day of the Operation:

I reported to the Entry desk and went through the procedure for registering and checking my documentation. I was taken to a room to await my call.

In the prep room, all equipment was marked and taken to my room. I was given a gown a plastic short to wear; my leg was shaved completely and I had a shower.