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Jun 04, 2022 Food

How To Get Good Frozen Oysters Singapore

A little sea-loving creature that wants to hog up everything they can get their hands on. Well then, you will come across oysters. At the first glance, it may not seem edible, but once you try it, you know it’s worth it. But how do you get the right one for cooking from frozen oysters Singapore shops?

Proper Flat Side

Every oyster has a curved side, a cup, and a flat side. They are mostly stored in ice with the flat side up and this is the recommended way to store them as well. Check the flat side to see any damages being present. Also while you are at it, check of the joints between the two shells are sealed tightly. Knock on it to know if the shell is hollow inside. Do not buy if it is hollow.

Curved Side

Depending on the environment and the kind of oyster, the cup size would vary. Look for the one with a deeper curve. Because then there is more meat in there. And you only want the one with a good amount of meat. This can also be checked by knocking on the shell and the sound resonated should not be hollow.

Insides Of The Oyster

The above mentioned are the right ways to get oysters from frozen oyster singapore. How do you know if it is good to cook once you shank it? Shunking is the process of opening the shells apart. Examine the interiors and check if the meat is coming up to the brink of the shell.

Also, smell and see if it has a sweet fragrance with a hint of sea smell. If the odour makes you pause and think, then it is not a good oyster to cook. The meat should also be solid. It should not be translucent or milky.