May 27, 2019 Finance

Day trading futures and long term investment options!

If you are a beginner at investment futures and options then you would surely face the tough choice of investing in either long term options or look at day trading futures, there are advocates of day trading futures and they believe it is a much better option but there are a significant number of people who go for stocks over day trading futures, none can completely deny the other alternative’s advantages so there isn’t any clear answer about which one is the best among the two, that will not only depend on the investment you can commit, the time duration you can hold but also depend on how you like to trade, whether you are comfortable with an acceptable level of risk or whether you completely want to avoid risk over a period of time and want to sleep well, you should always invest in day trading futures if you cannot take that sort of risk over the period of months and even years.


If you are a beginner it is advised that you don’t get involved in a number of future contracts right from the start a couple of future contracts per day is the way to go about and that is advised by the experts. There are a number of online sources which can help you learn all about day trading and that is exactly where you must start, or you can read a number of different books about it, these books are written by experts who have made a fortune out of day trading but it won’t tell you things like minimum capital requirement which is something you must know. If you want a list of books that would help you learn a number of things about day trading then you can view here at